28 June 2009


So why don't I update is it because I'm lazy (I don't think so) I come to terms telling myself that I shouldn't update because by and far No one updates except for Maylee Gerald and Brenda. So other than that by life has been about the same Work work work. but starting next week ill be working less so that will be great. Also i started using twitter, at first I thought it was a stupid unnecessary program but as time has gone by i find myself addicted. Lastly I just finished watching Transformers (the original) and will probably see the second some time later this week. well that all for now I hope to update more often, but part of the fun in blogging is seeing others post

04 May 2009

Salt and Light

Over the last few days I've been contemplating this passage

From Matthew Chapter 5

13You are like salt for everyone on earth. But if salt no longer tastes like salt, how can it make food salty? All it is good for is to be thrown out and walked on.

14You are like light for the whole world. A city built on top of a hill cannot be hidden, 15and no one would light a lamp and put it under a clay pot. A lamp is placed on a lamp stand, where it can give light to everyone in the house. 16Make your light shine, so that others will see the good that you do and will praise your Father in heaven.

It seems to me that all too often we just participate in the hobby of Christianity. Have we lost our saltiness and if so does it make us worthless. What good is it to be a bright shining light that is only brought out on Sundays. On a second note what is it to be a Christian its not just to believe but to practice we cannot continue just going to Church, clock in, agree with what we are taught, and then clock out and go about our life under a clay pot to hide ourselves from others that might find us weird.

I charge you to ask yourself. If I am the salt of the earth am I salty or bland, and if I am the light of the earth do I go home and put myself under a pot or do I place myself atop a stand so that everyone can see?

27 April 2009

Beautiful Night

Last night on my paper route was very terrifyingly beautiful. It was one of those stormy nights where for whatever reason its not raining but looking at the sky you would think it should be. Ive always found weather simply amazing save the fact that some beautiful weather will try to kill you. The rain did not set in until I was finished and I am very thankful for that.

Also yesterday Ashleigh's dad and I (not sure if I'm on a first name basis) fixed the fan motor on my car. My only concern now is that when I tried it out by leaving my car idle with full ac going for 15 minutes it was very cold in my car so I think i can live with that. Ended up saving about $175 by doing the tedious 45 minutes of work ourselves. Also I learned to change my oil on my "new Car" turns out its difficult if i leaver the passenger tire on and simple if i take it off (who knew) so another $15 dollars saved per oil change.

lastly its kind of far away but If you just cant seem to make your money work for you you really need to check out Dave Ramsey. He is a financial advisor radio/tv show host who is in the process of turning my financial burdens around. With Daves plan I have turned my 30,000 in debt to 14,000 in just over a year and cant wait to prove to people all around that living without payments is not as unbelievable as most would lead you to believe. So please check him out by buying/borrowing/renting the Total money makeover and sign up to see the live presentation of the total money makeover on september 19 2009 at daveramesy.com

25 April 2009


its been a while since my last post but since lately I commit this crime few and far between compared to everyone else I forgive me. The last week has been rather eventful. wednesday Ash and I went to see Disney's Earth which was beautiful makes me want blue ray so I can get planet earth. Then Thursday I got to break out my bowling ball and the consensus is out I'm awesome game 1 126 game 2 116 game 3 141. During bowling we found a new place that has 2 dollar games after 9. then yesterday we went to olive garden with friends and then saw 17 again for the first time which much to my surprise was rather funny and cute, but not to the point that i would go see 17 again. well more to come later (I mean hopefully sooner)

06 April 2009

Vroom Vroom

So If your wondering why i haven't posted lately then you don't know that I work for Texas Motor Speedway seasonally. I especially enjoy working there and I'm not sure why because it is always a beat down energy-wise. Just to show how rough my weekend has been:

Thursday paper 3a-6a speedway 9a-10p
Friday paper 3a-6a speedway 10a-9p
Saturday paper 3a-6a speedway 8a-6p
Sunday paper 12a-7a speedway 7a-7p
Truthfully if given an opportunity to have a "real" job there I think I would take it. Don't get me wrong the papers awesome at least paycheck-wise. I think my excitement comes from helping others and I know I enjoy the stories I hear and see that only can be concocted from 4 strait days of drinking anywhere and everywhere. This particular race was relatively easy except for the weather

Thursday wind burn 60 F
Friday sun burn 70 F
Saturday sun burn 80 F
Sunday Wind burn 50 F
Only in Texas. Today is catch up day as I have a paper due in class today. My teacher gave us the whole weekend to get it done where did the time go (luckily its just a rough draft). I plan on posting a few speedway moments here and there over the next few days

Speedway moment #1
(after waiting in line to get in gates via ticket scan person, Oh I didn't know I needed a ticket for today. I just want to see practice can I buy a 1 hour pass

Speedway Moment #2
Preface: I drive a golf cart. It is provided to me from TMS. I do not own it.
person: hey dude where can I buy one of those
Me: the speedway provides carts to us so we can get around easily
person: so I cant buy one somewhere
Me: perhaps a golf store accessory store
Person: Ill give you 5000 dollars for it
Me: I think that would upset my boss, but ill get back to you
person: Ok
then person walks off

Moment 3
how do i get to the other side
walk around
the race hasn't started can i walk across
i highly doubt that but good luck

moment 4
Preface: we let you bring in any non glass beverage IE beer
hey can I take these back outside points to beer

moment 5
preface race starts at 1pm
hey what time does the race start (it is 4pm)
sir its going on right now and is almost over (we are yelling this conversation due to the loud cars)

moment 6
preface we scan your ticket back out when you leave temporarily so you can come back in

I lost my ticket can I leave
are you coming back in
I guess that will be OK

30 March 2009

3 years and counting

Yesterday was mine and Ashleighs 3 year anniversary and I really cant believe its been this long it seems like only 2 years and 11 months but Im farely certain that it has been 3 whole years. For our special day I had Ashleigh call to make sure I was awake after my paper route around 2:15pm, then we talked for a while, then I went to work at my part time job. Seriously though Tuesday evening will be dedicated to our special day, and I am unaware of the events to come, but hopefully I will figure it out by the time we get to wherever we go.

Backtracking a little further the day before was a friends of ours last minute change from wedding reception to just a anniversary party. I dont really know the why or How but the party was less akward than anticipated. We went to the diamond club at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. Then had a fancy meal followed by what was probably too much dessert. The after meal part was dancing and karoke which im farely bad at both but with little effort was able to make ashleigh shake her head in what I hope wasn't shame.

Lastly I paid for our what will be our second cruise to mexico recently and am greatly anticipating being a veteran cruiser which basically means I get to go to a party that you (you being a first time cruiser or a stay at home while i cruiser) dont get to go to I am also taking applications* on souvineer so make sure you apply

* applying does not mean you will get a gift it simply means that I will try and furthermore it means that you posted on my blog which in itself is a eternal gift that will be published in my book (see post on 10%)